Aloha and welcome to Hawaii Flight Adventures where visiting pilots can fly and log time in Hawaii with the help of an FAA Certified Flight Instructor Safe, Simple, Fun, No Hassles! 

My name is Buster Frysinger and I have been flying and sharing Hawaii with visiting pilots for 20 years as an active FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI #3340762CFI). I also fly Air Ambulance in the Kingair C90B, Checkairman/Instructor for Mokulele Airlines in the Cessna Grand Caravan CE208B EX, and 10+ years flying Hawaii tours and charters.  I have experience flying Skyhawks to Citations in Hawaii and across the US. I am truly lucky to have such a rewarding "job" and I can not wait to share it with you! 

Benefits of renting an aircraft with a CFII in Hawaii? 

  • Local Weather Knowledge that changes around every turn (11 out of 13 climates known to earth on the Big Island alone!)
  • Local Air Tour Traffic Operations (It can get thick!) 
  • Local Reporting Points, Pronunciation, and Location Information.
  • No lengthy, expensive checkout required to cover all of the little things that only apply to Hawaii. 
  • Your CFI can take the controls/radios as much or as little as you like for picture taking or any other reasons. (Your only job is to enjoy yourself!) 
  • And many more... 
Aircraft and CFII Pricing:

  • No aircraft at the moment :( I highly recommend Tropic Bird Flight Service in Kona 808-895-4753
  • On Maui? Try Maui Aviators or Maui Flight Academy.
  • On Oahu? Try Anderson Aviation
  • Don't forget to tell them "Buster sent me!"
  • These recommended operators offer the same basic type of services found on this page.  Check with them for details.

NOTE: With friends or family along for the ride the prices can be less than half of the "helicopter tours" and still less than "airplane tours", all on your terms.  It's good to be a pilot! 

What You Get: Aircraft, CFII, headsets, charts, safety equipment, FUN! 

Where Can We Go? Anywhere in Hawaii! 
With 8 tropical islands, 14 public airports, Erupting Volcanoes, Valleys, Water Falls, Tropical Beaches, Reefs, Whales, Rainbows, and more to choose from the possibilities are endless!  

From a quick 1 hour flight over active volcanoes and waterfalls to an all day excursion that highlights every island in the state, your logbook will have an adventure to remember!

My Mission: To make flying in Hawaii accessible, affordable, and safe for visiting pilots.  As an experienced tour pilot I have seen many pilots renting airplanes and stumbling into ever changing volcano TFRs, flying through gaggles of tour helicopters without safely communicating their presence or intentions (legal but hazardous), and even getting caught off guard by the fast moving and dramatic weather changes around every corner.  I have helped lost and confused renters over the radio on a number of occasions and wish there was such a service available when I first rented a 172 in Hawaii in 1993.

Fly safe my feathered friends!

-Buster Frysinger